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Meetup #9, Cosmic Flavored Data Science

June 12, 2018 by admin

IPM Data Science Meetup #9

▪️Cosmic Flavored Data Science
▫️By: Alireza Vafaei Sadr, Shahid Beheshti University
🕙 Thursday 06 Ordibehesht 1397, 10:00 AM




Cosmic Flavored Data Science



New generations of cosmological observations provide a huge amount of data, posing the big data problem. It makes data science as an increasingly important player in almost all data-based projects in cosmology. The dramatically increasing amount of high quality data is providing opportunities for a lot of researchers around the world to contribute not only in large projects and develop data analysis tools but also inspires other experimental groups to be incredibly sophisticated in data accusation and modeling. This talk gives a brief report about recent machine learning applications in cosmology and one of my researches that addresses anomaly/novelty detection.



علیرضا وفایی صدر

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